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We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Shojun Concrete are the leading contractors servicing Western Victoria in regions such as Geelong and the Surf Coast, Warrnambool, Ballarat and Melbourne specialising in the industry providing many forms of concrete to the domestic sector. 


Concrete Formwork

Formwork is used as a mould for a structure during the building process. Concrete is poured in and the formwork is designed to support the material until it cures and is able to support itself. It is a very important part of the concrete development process.


Excavation & Earthworks
Soil Removal

We offer professional excavation and earthmoving services for both residential and commercial construction projects. Services include: detailed excavations, site cuts, rock base preparation for concrete slabs & drilling for bored pier foundations.

We also offer bulk excavation works which includes spoil removal; moving or removing soil material and transporting it to other locations.

Our team of expert operators are highly trained with extensive experience to ensure each project specific requirements are met.

We use quality excavation equipment and machinery to ensure a professional approach and timely completion for all our projects.

Concrete Formwork
Excavation & Earthworks Soil Removal

Concrete Placement

In any construction project, concrete’s placement determines a structure’s durability, and it requires trained professionals who can make sure that all the factors, be it technical or climatic, have been duly considered.


This process involves a number of phases including transportation, pouring concrete into formwork or a mould, vibration, finishing, form removal and curing.

Shojun provides a skilful & knowledgeable team of professionals who can deliver high-quality outcomes for your concrete placement requirements.

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Concrete Placement
Concrete Pump Icon.png

Concrete Pumping

During concrete construction it is not always possible to place concrete via the chute on the Concrete Agitator Truck or wheel burrow.


This is where a concrete pumps become a convenient way to deliver the concrete exactly where you need it, rather than requiring to keep moving a heavy mixer or if a large volume of concrete is required to be placed quickly.

We have access to a fleet of modern and well-maintained concrete pumps ranging from 24m – 47m boom pumps and line pumps to cater for domestic, residential and commercial projects. Our pumps are reliable and operated by knowledgeable & experienced staff.

Concrete Pumping

Structural packages

Often, projects are divided up into different portions/packages of works relevant to the trade specified. Structural packages for a project may include all the works relevant to deliver the foundations & structural elements of a building.


This may include the earthworks, detailed excavations, concrete works – formwork, steel reinforcement, placement & concrete pumping.


Structural elements of a building may include:

• Concrete Piers

• Concrete Footings and Pile Caps

• Raft Slabs

• Slab on Ground

• Waffle Pod Slabs

• Concrete Stairs

• Concrete Columns

• Suspended Concrete Slabs

Instead of going to different contractors for different activities we can do all of them and manage the construction process.

Structural Packages
Construction Site

Concrete Packages

Concrete packages are works that involve all aspects of concreting. Often in projects works are divided into the structural works and civil works.


Civil works require concrete elements such as drainage, pavements, footpaths, cross-overs, kerbs & retaining walls to name a few.

Shojun can offer to complete all concrete works for a particular project, rather than getting another contractor to complete the civil concrete works.

Concrete Packages

Project Estimation

This is where we can work out a timeframe and budget for you project. We can put together a quotation to supply & install the works.

Depending where the project is located we have the local knowledge & access to suppliers for materials

Project Estimation
Construction worker

Repairs & Remedial Works

Damaged concrete needing repairs. We have a knowledgeable & skilful team to rectify or replace any concrete elements.

Repairs & Remedial Works

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For any enquires, quotes or questions please call:

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